Finished off the last 5 ICADs:

57-61 version2 for blog

The upper left is painted and stitched spools of thread for the prompt thread while the upper right is a Picasso-style dog from  a lesson in Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab book(off prompt). The large goose was painted pointillism style(1008 dots/spaces for dots) and the grackles was a gelliprint that was also collaged and stitched(both off prompt). The bottom right one is a freeform free-motion quilted feather on a gelliprint(prompt feather from earlier in the challenge).

Just as this project was wrapping up I committed to a 60 day bird challenge, so the 3 bird-related ICADs did double duty for the new challenge!!

The people who posted their ICADs on the FB page were also asked to take a group photo so here are all my ICADs together:

all 62

I did manage to include fabric and/or thread on each card, so I am glad about that. I do have a few favorite cards and a few I cringe over…but the whole point was to play and experiment! It was fun, but A LOT of work. I have 10 months to decide about doing it again in 2015!!

Linking to Daisy Yellow ICAD 2014 here.



4 thoughts on “ICADs are DONE

  1. How lovely to see them all together! (I am hoping to photograph mine today) It was a great challenge and I am sure I will do it again next year. Can’t wait to see your flock of birds! I think I may have caught up with you now x


  2. Ooh, what a great end to this project! They are all wonderful, but the “Picasso” is just fabulous. I admire your patience for doing the pointillist goose!
    Love seeing the shot of all of them.


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