Troubles with Textures

I am relatively new at this textures play, so I am having troubles with getting the textures to look right. I think I like a bit of drama…but tend to go overboard.

The original photo is the upper left one in the collage…a purple flower from my garden with a bokeh background. I used pumpkin grunge and autumn burst textures(I think!!) from Kim Klassen at assorted blend modes and opacities in PSE.

purple flower for collage 3 for blog_edited-1

I have to keep playing till I get effects I like. However, I do like the bright one in the bottom right but I believe that PSE auto-enhance did the trick with that one! I also like how the leaves almost glow in the upper right one..but overall it is too dark. And in the bottom left one I like the background texture..but overall it is too vague and indistinct.

Linking to Texture Tuesday.


9 thoughts on “Troubles with Textures

  1. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and it is all a matter of what look you are going for. Sometimes a heavily saturated dramatic photo is perfect, other times you may want something a lot softer and more subtle. Which I usually accomplish by adjusting the opacity on a texture WAY down (like 25% or less). Keep playing! That’s how you learn (not that I am in any way an expert on this – hardly).


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