ICAD #50-56

5 more ICADs to go…then DONE….

Quite an odd variety of ICADs for me this week:

50-56 for blogA collage of fabric for the rainbow prompt, a blind contour selfie(scowling, just like in photos)[this was due to a card posted by a participant on FB that a few people also tried], a failed-cut up ICAD for the octopus prompt, a bird done with my cellphone sketch program, a fabric/stitched mushroom(the prompt), a blind contour drawing of an elephant(the prompt) and a Solarfast dye print of a weed(the image of the weed will fade with exposure to light).

Managed still to use fabric/thread for each card!!

I was also quite pleased that the rainbow of fabrics was chosen to be the header of the day for the facebook page. Tammy chose a different ICAD each day. This is mine on the facebook page:

me with zoom title photo

To learn more about Tammy’s ICAD project visit the ICAD FAQ blog post here.







2 thoughts on “ICAD #50-56

  1. Hello Marsha, your cards are wonderful! my favourite is the elephant because I love elephants! the self portrait and bird look fun and I just think the rainbow is gorgeous and yes, congratulations on having your ICAD on the f/b header.


  2. Oh, these are great!! I can’t pick a favourite, because I like them all, but I really love the elephant (so cute!) and the cellphone bird sketch (what a great effect!). Congratulations on having your ICAD chosen for the Facebook header!


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