Minis and More Ducklings!!

While George was getting the back wiper replaced on our mini…I was out photographing the ducklings in the pond nearby.

But first I had to get a photo of this:

sideways car

Yes…this mini is attached to the side of the building!! Great advertising and attraction-getting!!

The reflections in the pond were awesome…not only reflections of mallard ducklings, but also reflections of the assorted car dealerships’  flags and the light posts and the trees…and the clouds! There is a fountain in this pond(just out of frame to the left) which is causing the ripples…

allover view

Aren’t these mallard ducklings just adorable??

2 ducks 0404_edited-1

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7 thoughts on “Minis and More Ducklings!!

  1. Your first photo is quite something. Nice pics of the ducklings. I’m an avid birder, have posted many bird photos but not many of them are reflections.


  2. When I lived in Newcastle (in the NE of the UK) there was a car dealer that had a mini bursting out of the wall above the front door! It was eye catching!

    Sorry about the much delayed reply – I’ve been in the UK for a month and I let the blog sit on the back burner – normal service will resume soon!

    Stewart M – Melbourne


  3. Well you certainly would not miss seeing that Mini. great advertising. The 2nd shot is so peaceful and beautiful with wonderful reflections. Ducklings – so cute. Have a great weekend.


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