ICAD week 6 # 36-42

A crazy uneven week for the ICADs.

36-42 FOR BLOG

Went off prompt for some of these…but stayed with the nature “theme” for those except for 1 glaring exception. Prompts I didn’t use were “tag or label”, “lollipops” and “kaleidoscope”.

My grackle(upper left) was nature inspired, the rabbit/duck was a “diagram”(stolen from the FB page I F***ing Love Science). The serial-killer looking face was inspired by a Picasso-style face that an ICAD participant posted. As soon as I saw her ICAD, I wanted to do this again because it was so much fun when Jill and I made our Picasso selfies here…..but mine went horribly wrong!!!! Way too creepy…

The bottom left was for “moon”(an attempt at multi-layer collage that is still a work-in-progress). The lily-of-the valley was nature-inspired, the cut-up index cards was “text” and the leaves/tree/deer was for “green”.

Still hanging in…3 weeks to go!! I had given up on the stitch library…but I may pull out my other sewing machine to play with its stitches(or did I say that last week??).

Fot more info on Daisy Yellow’s ICAD project please check here.


2 thoughts on “ICAD week 6 # 36-42

  1. Oh, these are fun. I love them all! The duck/rabbit is great. I’ve seen something like it before, but not with the two figures at 90-degree angles. The Picasso-ish face is definitely, um, interesting! I think my favourites are the lily-of-the valley (I always love white and green) and the cut-up index cards.
    Yes, 3 more weeks to go. I think I can hang in for that. I hope! Which reminds me … must go and do today’s card.


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