Summer of Color 2014 week 4

Week 4 of Kristin’s Summer of Color brought us these colors to use:

week4 scheme

I didn’t even want to attempt paints this week given my struggles with week 3!! So, I scrounged up some fabrics at ArtsJunktion…a supply center to donate stuff and take stuff…mostly art supplies. I added a couple of my own fabrics and made this cute project:



It is a pincushion that is attached to my sewing machine…so less pins and needles to fall on the floor by mistake!! I first saw this project about 6 months ago and it has been sitting on my “stuff to make” board on Pinterest since then.

To make one for yourself check out the tutorial here.ย The original project used a ribbon to tie the pincushion to the machine. However, I just sewed 1 strip of velcro to the back of the pincushion and used sticky-back velcro on the sewing machine itself.



11 thoughts on “Summer of Color 2014 week 4

  1. Wonderful project, have been promising to make myself one of these for a while, good to see you actually have! Great use of this weeks colours ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx


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