Sunprinting with Dye-Na-Flow Paints

After seeing the results of some fiber artists who used Dye-Na-Flow paints for sunprinting, I ordered a complete set and tried them out on a rare sunny day last week. In the past I had used Setacolor transparent paints, but I wanted to try something new, especially hoping that the yellow paint would be good.

Vicki Welch has used similar paints and you can see links to some of her posts about sunprinting, plus a tutorial here. And she is actually giving away some of her sunprints plus materials to make 10 postcards here. Needless to say, I entered that giveaway!!!

These paints are brilliantly pigmented, very fluid and I was quite optimistic. For the actual sunprinting, I used some dried and pressed lily of the valleys, weeds, leaves and Virginia Creeper vine.

I tried 2 colour combos, one with blue and yellow and the other with red and orange.

Painted fabric covered with plant material, drying in the sun:

blue and yellow-1


Test removal of 1 leaf to see if the sunprinting was ready:

blue and yellow-2

And the final piece:

blue and yellow-3

I didn’t blend the colours very well(I should have spritzed on more water), but I should be able to get a couple of pieces to use from this. Still not happy with the yellow, from this paint line or the Setacolor. Not sure what it is about yellow…I will have to do some researching. Or I might just have to accept the results that occur with yellow.

My second attempt:

These colours blended well(since they are close to each other on the colour wheel) and I got lots of details with the small flowers so I am quite happy with it.

I also played with methods of blending paint colours on small pieces:

With the one on the left I added paints with an eye dropper and then sprayed with water to let them merge. You can clearly see that the yellow stains the fabric and doesn’t allow the fabric to remain white underneath the leaves. For the one on the right I painted blue on the outside, and orange in the middle, and let them blend to produce brown(this was intentional!). These 2 small pieces were used to make ICADs which I will blog about soon.

Overall I like these paints… which is good since I bought 8 jars for myself and 3 for my mom!!





5 thoughts on “Sunprinting with Dye-Na-Flow Paints

    • thanks! I think I am more sensitive to yellow “staining” of the fabric than with other colours…even the orange/red paint left abit of staining. To me, the yellow stain just looks like old fabric I guess…. Yellow is just not one of my favorite colours. Maybe a golden yellow would help!


  1. Ooh, these are beautiful! I like the blue and yellow, and really like the red/orange one. Can’t wait to see what you make out of them! Now all we need is some more sun so you can keep experimenting.


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