ZIZO#26: Waterfall for Photo Scavenger Hunt

A waterfall is one of the items on Rinda’s Photo Scavenger Hunt…. I laughed!!! I thought no way will I find this. However, I did find 2 water sculptures which I posted here as substitutes for the real thing.

But never say never…..Hubby and I had taken a 40 km drive out to the small town of Headingley, Manitoba for Sunday breakfast at “Nick’s Inn”. A great spot for breakfast if you are ever in this part of the country: the breakfast is so large I get leftovers for 3 more breakfasts plus part of 1 dinner!!!!!

I knew I might get photo-ops for the scavenger hunt and I managed to get some anticipated ones which I will post soon. But I never imagined I would find this item on the list…..

We were almost home, and we turned onto the street just before ours when I spotted what I immediately knew would be my ZIZO for this week. This is a zoom out:

zoom out-1

A “natural” elevation change, seen better in this zoom out:

zoom out-2

And the zoom in:

zoom inA lovely little water fall…..and less than a 2 minute walk from where I live!

For more ZIZO this week, check Helena’s ZIZO post here.

For more information on Rinda’s photo scavenger hunt see here.




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