Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014 items 12, 13, 18 and 20



The search continues for more items on Rinda’s Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014. For more information on this scavenger hunt, please check here.

For some items, I couldn’t just stop at 1 example:

#12 mascot:

mascots collage

These are the mascots for 2 of Winnipeg’s professional sports teams. On the left is the Winnipeg Jets’ mascot(Mick E. Moose). Go Jets Go!!!  On the right is the Winnipeg Goldeyes’ mascot(Goldie). If you look closely at the photo on the right you can see my reflection in the window…so that gives you an idea of how BIG this mascot is.

#20 a bus with a picture painted on its side:

bus with image

Not sure if this really qualifies…since the image of interest is on a changeable ad system….but the story is great! The play Wicked is coming to Winnipeg in August. Last week, my husband was talking to a bus driver on his route home and the bus driver highly recommended this play. Hubby was skeptical but the driver insisted…so when hubby got home he said that we should go see this play…and I bought tickets on-line. This for a husband who HATES going out in the evening after a hard day at work; he won’t take advice from family, friends, neighbours…but he will take advice from his bus driver…go figure! So when I saw this bus I knew I had to get its picture! Some of our buses do have images painted on them too…so I might have to get a new photo(what does the judge Rinda think??)

#13 sunrise:

sunrise for blog

Sunrise- 5:15 in the morning…and why was I up??? STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#18 a waterfall:

waterfall 1 collage for blog


waterfall 2 collage for blog2 examples of waterfalls…the best I could expect on the prairies where there are thousands of miles with no elevation changes(thanks to PrairieJill for her description of the likelihood of getting a natural waterfall on the prairies!!). The first example was taken at The Forks and the second example is a water sculpture at the Centennial Library in downtown Winnipeg.

lots more still to come…..


7 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014 items 12, 13, 18 and 20

  1. I love the way you’re presenting several shots for each item.

    I remember you telling me you got a great mascot shot – and you were right! These are wonderful. Love the bus, and the “Wicked” story. Great waterfall shots. I love the closeup on the top one, and the shots of the sculpture at the library are excellent. I love the angle on the middle and righthand shots.


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