ZIZO #25 Black Ladybug

While cruising the back yard with Stewie I spied this shrub with well-eaten leaves:

zoom out

I leaned in closer and this is what I saw(click 2x on the collage to really zoom in):

ladybug collage for blog_edited-2


A larger than normal lady bug and black!!

He/she was quite camera shy….and tended to turn around and head in the opposite direction so I mostly got shots of its backside! The photo in the bottom right hand side in the collage was included not because it shows the ladybug well, but because I really like the background!

It’s official name might be: Anatis labiculata – Fifteen-spotted Lady Beetle. If so, this must be a mature specimen since the  beetle darkens with age such that the spots are not very distinguishable from the dark purple-black colour.  But there are lots of very similar lady-bugs so I could be wrong..I am going to try to find it again tomorrow to get a closer look.

Check out Helena’s link  here for more ZIZO.



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