Tilt-Shift(Miniature) Photography

I wanted to try out tilt-shift photography after I got a couple of apps for my android phone/camera. Tilt-shift photography is basically “miniature-faking”. I had read about it here and it looked really cool. And if you want to see lots of examples, check this website. The photo below is an excellent example of  tilt-shift photography by Arnar Birgisson:


Lots of info about how Arnar Birgisson did this can be found on his  flickr page. (If the above photo does not show properly please leave me a comment below,)

For my first attempts I knew I couldn’t just snap some photos in North Kildonan since you need to take the photo from above…so the first place I thought of was The Forks….so I met Jill and we did a tilt-shot photowalk. She blogged about it here and posted some of her tilt shift photos.  You will notice that we have a few very similar shots!!

It was interesting trying to figure out why some shots worked and why some didn’t. Some of mine that worked to different degrees of success are posted below:

tilt shift tractor plus saturation change




lomo dock tilt shift

The last shot also has a LOMO filter applied….

I will keep playing with this to try to improve .

4 thoughts on “Tilt-Shift(Miniature) Photography

  1. The first photo didn’t show up. I find that the best way to save someone else’s photos, which would not be good if they were copywrited, but the only way I know to save my Gimp photos as jpg, is to do a screen shot. I learned to do this in google. I like the drama of the sharp building amid all the fuzzy buildings, cool effect! That would look good in some plant photography too.


  2. These turned out well! I think that, for both of us, the ones of the cafe with the blue umbrellas worked best. I like your last one, too – good miniature effect, and I love the lomo effect.


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