Downy Woodpeckers

A pair of Downy woodpeckers decided to move into our near-dead birch tree. Right in our front yard…and we can watch them through the front windows. It has been an exciting 3 days watching the hole in the tree get deeper and bigger!

In no particular order some shots I have captured of these beautiful birds in action:

the male:


the female taking a break:

fenale on top of tree

not big enough yet:male in tree partway

the female playing peek-a-boo:

woodpecker in tree

So sweet!! Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday(for the first time!) here. Please go check out all the other wild bird photos.


11 thoughts on “Downy Woodpeckers

  1. Your link up seems to have worked fine – its just that I am so far behind in replying to comments its not funny! Woodpeckers are one of my favourite birds, but we don’t have any in Australia. Used to see then regularly in the UK.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: welcome to the world of WBW!


  2. Welcome! How nice you joined us for Stewart’s 100th meme posting! Love your downies! How fortunate you are to have them in your yard! I am a quilter too. Will check out some of your quilting posts.


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