Some photos from my new camera(phone)

Took a whackload of photos in the last view weeks with my new camera(aka cell phone). I am quite impressed…but I still haven’t really found any phone apps I like. Posting some just for fun:

a panorama of the back yard:


an abstract-looking view through a wall with holes in it in St. Boniface:


bergenia growing in my back yard:


some Canada geese with their goslings on the Seine River:


a mallard duck and her ducklings in Bunn’s creek park:ducks These photos haven’t been modified, except  for being resized for the blog post. Lots of potential I think…..

It also takes good videos(I posted one on youtube which miraculously is embedded below)….

7 thoughts on “Some photos from my new camera(phone)

  1. You certainly are having fun with your new camera. Love the baby ducklings and I also love the flicker pictures of the abstract flowers. If you figure out how to translate them onto fabric, let me know. I think it would be beautiful. Thanks for stopping by … looking for Stewie on your blog … am I in the wrong place? Have a great week …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. Definitely impressive! The quality of the images and video is wonderful. What I like about my camera phone is that I always have it with me. I think it makes it easier to take some kinds of shots, too, like in the city or where people are around. I guess I feel less obvious about shooting with a phone than with a camera. Just wait until you find some apps you like – totally addictive.

    PS My favourite is the abstract from Saint B.


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