Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014 items 2,8,9 and 16

Wow- it is that time of year again…photo scavenger hunt, courtesy of Rinda at Gallo Organico.


For more info please see Rinda’s blog post here. Anyone can join in……

I managed to find 4 items already. And I am posting a few examples of each for 2 of them because I couldn’t decide which one to not use:

#2. garden gnome. This was the easiest since it is from my next door neighbour’s garden:

garden gnome-2b

#8. a tattoo on a person. 2 of the guys pulling down our 60 foot poplar had tattoos:

tattoo-2h tattoo-1g

#9. a bakery. Tall Grass Prairie Bakery in The Forks in Winnipeg. They are famous for their whole wheat cinnamon buns:

bakery-2d bakery-1c

Actually the second one could count as a photobomb since the kid in green walked into view just as I snapped the photo…but I will save the photobomb one for later(it will probably be Stewie!!)

#16. A sign in another language. I chose 2 photos: one has quite a few French language signs in it(duh…it is in the French-speaking area of Winnipeg, St. Boniface!!) and the second one just because I liked it…it is an ad for a restaurant(also in St. Boniface).

another language

another language-3ab


More to come over the course of the summer!!




4 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014 items 2,8,9 and 16

  1. Hi Marsha, Thanks for “visiting” me today. I have been here a few times but been too shy to comment! You have some great shots (wouldn’t mind if that bakery were near me – I can nearly smell it!)


  2. Great photos. I especially love the bakery shots and the first tattoo guy. I was hoping that prompt would make people take some photos of strangers. And I definitely would count that as a photo bomb.


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