ZIZO #22: 50 Shades of Maple

Played with my new cell phone camera and was amazed at the quality of the photos. The photos for this week’s multi-step ZIZO were largely un-adjusted, except for an HDR boost for the final zoom in.

The zoom out starts with an “accidental” Manitoba Maple, tucked under the giant poplar tree…It then zooms gradually in on the male flowers(this type of maple tree has separate male and female trees!!). I just love how delicate the parts of the flower are. And don’t you just LOVE the background blur in the final zoom in???? Click on the collage to enlarge it, and then click again to super-enlarge it:

week 22 maple flowers smaller

Out of curiosity, Stewie and I went looking for a tree with female parts …and we found one, another accidental tree…on the opposite side of the yard. I believe this is early fruit stage:

female flowers for blog

For more ZIZO participants in Helena’s meme, check the widget in the sidebar.


9 thoughts on “ZIZO #22: 50 Shades of Maple

  1. This is a lovely ZIZO – I did indeed click through to see the detail and the maples are very pretty. Hoping you continue to really enjoy your new phone camera!


  2. what fabulous pictures! The quality of the cameras in phones these days is simply amazing, but the photographer still needs to do their part, which you have done wonderfully!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.


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