The Wave Art Party and Prince Charles

I spent a lovely afternoon with PrairieJill starting with The Wave Art Party which was being held in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.  It was a meet, greet and play party and a first look at the brochure for this year’s self-guided tours.

We had lots of munchies(skull cookies, art palette cookies and nanaimo bars), fruit punches(creative juices!), got to meet the artists, got a goodie bag and got to play:

collage for blog

Don’t you just love the wonderful hats, outfits, goodies and especially our Picasso-style selfies??? Look closely in the upper left photo and you can see Heidi Hunter carrying a giant pair of scissors….very appropriate since her studio/website is Runs With Scissors!!!! Boxes of hot-off-the-press brochures in the bottom right photo…

Jill and I had arrived at the art party at around 1:30. Just in time too, since police and security had limited/shut down access to the area because Prince Charles was scheduled to tour the nearby area starting at 1:45. We knew his tour started in the same building as the Cre8ery store and studio, so after the art party, we wandered over there(just a few minutes walk) and noticed a whack-load of security across the street at Red River Community College Exchange District Complex…so of course we had to investigate!!

We got a glimpse of Prince Charles, but no good photos…too much security and too many people.collage copy_edited-1


BUT: if you look closely in the bottom left photo, behind the security guard(I blurred his face) there is a window…and through the window you can see there is a podium with some papers on it and an arm and part of a body in a blue suit….that is Prince Charles!!! I felt sorry for the security guard because it became known that you could peek through the window and he was trying to prevent it, but he couldn’t leave his post which seemed to be to keep an eye out the other direction so he had to call for reinforcements. It was a bit of a security nightmare with all the crowds, but all went smoothly though there were a couple of VERY intense security guards.

I had great fun photographing the helicopter(not sure if it was security or press), the getaway car and photographing the security…I just missed out on a chance to get 2 heavily armoured RCMP officers buying snacks from a vending machine inside the college(but they may have confiscated my cell phone camera!!)

Next stop was off to the Cre8ery store and gallery located right across from the hoopla…the store had been open during the hoopla, but the gallery had been closed because it shared the only staircase entrance to where Prince Charles was visiting a technology start-up workshop. Interesting exhibits in the gallery as usual.

Lovely afternoon….check out Jill‘s blog since she posted about the afternoon too!


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