ZIZO #21 Stitching

A bit stumped for a ZIZO this week, until I realized I could also make it a WIP Wednesday!!

Working on a case for my new smartphone(yeah I won it!!)….I don’t want it for the phone since I never phone anyone and vice versa. But I did want it for the camera and the camera apps. The main camera app I wanted is from Stuck in Customs(http://www.stuckincustoms.com/best-iphone-camera/) but rats…not for android yet………….oh well, one thing at a time. Be sure to check out the Stuck in Customs site…it is one of my Top 10 favorites on the internet.

So back to the ZIZO:

week 21 stitching collage

The case is being made from many pieces of fabric stitched together patchwork style, and then free-motion quilted with assorted doodling…the round pebbles is my favorite! The zoom-in shows the details of my pink stitching…and the zoom-out shows the fabric in position for more straightline stitching.

Just need to assemble it with a little velcro tab and a wristlet strap and then off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “ZIZO #21 Stitching

  1. I’m with you on smartphones – might get one as a camera. Love the quilting patterns – do you know about zentangle patterns – lots of easy to draw and delightful patterns


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