Postcards Sent

Joing the DIY Postcard Swap 2014 now!

Whew….my postcards got sent off to my swap partners…..6 in the USA and 4 around the world(Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia). Postage was a whopping 18 dollars !!! This was all because I joined the iHanna DIY Postcard Swap for 2014.  To read more about the swap check out the blog post here:

We each made 10 cards and will get 10 cards in return. They were all to be original art(scary!).  Luckily for me, I was in the middle of Linda Germain’s online gelatin printmaking class and making lots of  original prints.

I chose mostly prints with my “Grackle with Attitude” but also included a couple of baby deer prints too. I added some machine stitching on each card to add a bit of texture and contrast. My “grackle” was based on a photograph of a grackle that I took  in Phoenix in 2011…he acted like he owned the hotel and outdoor cafe where I first spotted him!

These were the 10 I sent out today:

set 1

set 2


I hope my swap partners like them(I hope they don’t mind a few smudge marks…gelatin printing is messy!)! When I get all my cards I will post them too.


15 thoughts on “Postcards Sent

  1. afcourse your swap partners will like them! They are beautiful and made with lots of passion! I hope you will like the cards that you will receive too…!


  2. these are all fantastic !! hehe I sent most mine to USA postage cost me $15 and Im also swapping few extras with some other wonderful bloggers in the swap.

    Beats getting bills in the mail .costs less hehe and puts a smile on my face.


  3. Oh these are lovely, thanks for sharing them. I think the receivers will be thrilled to get your postcards. Mine have paint all over too, painting is messy! 🙂


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