“for the love of leaves”

I am not sure how I got to this blog, but I was glad that I did. The posting was titled “for the love of leaves::won’t you join me?” So I thought I would join.

You can see the post that got me started here:  http://fiberartalmosteveryday.blogspot.ca/2014/04/for-love-of-leaves-wont-you-join-me.html

I use leaves a lot, collect a lot of leaves(I have a whole box of pressed leaves and weeds) and in general love leaves! I have used them for sunprinting, I have used them for gelatin monoprinting…and now embroidery/painting.

I picked a leaf that might be a bit complex to start and might take a while, but I don’t think there is any timeline involved. I believe I found it in my backyard(but it might have been from Bunn’s Creek Park), and I am unsure what it is…so the advantage of using it is that someone might identify it for me……it could be a box elder(?), it could be an ash(?)….it could be a Manitoba maple(?)…or something entirely different. We have all 3 of these trees in the yard so I will just have to follow the leaves as they grow this summer and see what develops. I have not been able to ID it through any leaf website yet.

This is the pressed leaf(with a small piece of scotch tape to keep a loose leaf attached!):

pressed leaf

I am not sure whether I will include the piece of leaf at the base of the stem since all it is right now is just a blob… maybe when I find a fresh one, I will know what it is supposed to look like. The structure of this leaf is interesting- there are little “leaflets” at the base of the lower 2 sets of leaves. And the top leaf resembles a maple leaf(or box elder)…since there is no stem between the top and the first 2 side leaves.

I traced the leaf using a Frixion pen onto some PFD cotton and I will decide what to do next soon. A photocopy of the leaf is hiding behind the fabric:

leaf tracing

This should be fun!

If you know what this leaf is, please let me know by leaving a comment!!

I am hoping that if this tree was in my backyard, that my chainsaw dog Stewie hasn’t destroyed it over the winter- his hobby is eating any branch that gets in his way!



3 thoughts on ““for the love of leaves”

  1. That IS an interesting leaf! Those little extra leaflets very unique. I also really like this leaf’s relaxed posture and photocopying is a great idea. So glad to have you along, thanks for the link.


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