Gelatin Monoprinting for Blue Monday

Having a great time with Linda Germain’s Gelatin Monoprinting class, but sad to say that this is the last week for it. I have learnt lots……and would highly recommend it for anyone who has wanted to try this technique(see for more details)

This is one of my latest prints, using a page from a giant Webster’s dictionary that I salvaged from my hubby’s “to be discarded pile”….it is about 2400 pages, so I will NEVER run out of pages to play with. This was my first print using a dictionary page:

grackle on newsprint_edited-1

My grackle!!!

I will be using this for one of my postcards in the postcard swap  that is happening this week(details to follow shortly). I will be adding some machine stitching too.

Linking to Blue Monday:

4 thoughts on “Gelatin Monoprinting for Blue Monday

  1. Hi Marsha,

    What a lovely shade of blue. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m glad you like my new Sandhill Cranes header. I must admit that even though they’re all over the place (where I live) I did not take this shot.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!


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