Pamela Allen Class #2 In Style

Wow- I am in awe of Pamela Allen….
I was struggling with my piece for the second lesson. This lesson was all about designing our own gallery of flowers and trees and then incorporating them into a garden scene design.
My first attempt was rather “flat”,  so I went back in and added layers and more flowers. But now the second attempt looked way too busy but disjointed at the same time. And it looked more like a landscape than a garden. So Pamela suggested a fix.

This top version is mine:

garden scene second attempt for blog


Way too busy,eh??  And, as an aside, the tree on the right was inspired by a Georgia O’Keefe tree.

Pamela’s improved version via Photoshop is here(fabrics will need to be filled in where she had to modify the height):

pamelas improved version for blogWhat a difference… a 1000% improvement!!  My little fish is gone…but then the dark fabric is no longer a pond!! I will continue to work on this once I finish the class. A new lesson starts today.

Check out Pamela’s website here:

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