ZIZO week 16: Stewie and the Geese

Following up on a similar theme as PrairieJill last week: except she had deer and I have Stewie.

This week’s ZIZO collage (click on the image to open it in a separate window and then click once again to enlarge it):

week 16 collage-2

Do you see the snow and ice still even though it is already mid April?? And I believe we are setting record lows for the nights!!

I love the turquoise colour in the sky and ice because of the Picasa “cross process” effect. I also added some the texture with the film-grain filter in PSE. I do have to admit though, that I am not a fan of the colours in Picasa for the borders- none of them ever seem to really fit the bill- I wanted this one to match Stewie’s nose!

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8 thoughts on “ZIZO week 16: Stewie and the Geese

  1. Great shots – so cold but the colours in the sun are so warm.
    Have you spotted the colour picker in Picasa? I use it when I make my collage borders (though these days I mostly use Fotor.com to create collages as it gives me more control than Picasa.


  2. Great ZIZO shots. Love that cross-processing effect! And the picture of Stewie sitting still – a rare event, I think!
    So next week it’s supposed to warm up. Again! We’ll see ….


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