Lunar Eclipse- Winnipeg Back Yard View

I kept telling myself not to bother staying up to watch the eclipse….but as the time drew nearer and it was now only 30 minutes to the start I decided to go for it. A perfectly cloud-free night sky and the moon was brilliant! However, still an extra hour after that until the orange colour should appear. So I went to bed.

Too restless, so I got up to watch it…I could see it through my hubby’s office window, if I strained my body and neck into contortions. So I ventured out into the freezing cold and onto my back deck where there was a clear view. I set up my tripod and tried some test-shots. Nothing! The camera wouldn’t take a shot!!!

Discouraged I dismantled everything…back to bed.

Still too restless. I reset my camera to its defaults(in case that was the issue)….and tried again(no tripod though). Success- if you call a smeary white ball of light a success.

I persevered and took a few pre-full eclipse shots and watched as the moon started to take on an orange glow. It was beautiful- I was so glad I stayed to watch it.

But, I was cold,  and I couldn’t keep the camera still long enough to get anything in focus.

To bed, discouraged again.

This morning…played with my pictures: various filters, HDR, Picasa fixes etc. And I got a few images I like. The first is 5 shots pre-eclipse, treated as a bracketed HDR. I love it as an abstract photo- I don’t know why each moon came out so different .

abstract-1 shadowed in picasa for blog


I also played with this image some more in Picasa. Not sure exactly what process I used but I came up with this version:

abstract-2 changed colours for blog

The next is just from one very unsteady photo, due to camera(and body) shake. The orange glow of the total eclipse can clearly be seen

camera shake lunar eclipse for blog

So even though I didn’t get any textbook shots of the eclipse I am so so glad I stayed up to see it. The next one is in 6 months I think. Need to read up on what to do to get good night shots so I will be prepared.



2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse- Winnipeg Back Yard View

  1. I had to chuckle at the thought of you jumping in and out of bed to take pictures! (My camera has a “handheld night shot” setting that wasn’t too bad – maybe yours has something like that?) Love the abstracts you created!


  2. I tried too..You got some interesting shots. I know very little about nighttime shots, but I got maybe two or three and then we had cloud coverage here in Oregon..


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