Pamela Allen Class “In Style”

I mentioned in an earlier post about the online class I am taking with Pamela Allen. In that post, I showed 2 photos from the first 2 studies. I am now in the middle of my third study…still using the exact same fabrics as for the first 2. Please check out my earlier post for more info and photos:

I had a choice of a landscape or still life( or my own choice), and I chose landscape…but I am using a very cropped landscape, rather than the usual broad expanse. This is what I have so far:


Can you tell it is a tree?? It is based on a photograph I took of what I thought was an interesting arrangement with a spruce tree. I originally thought the main tree was the spruce tree, but  it is an elm tree in the foreground with the boughs from the spruce tree wrapped around it. The skinny red tree, which is at the wrong angle is actually the spruce tree!! I am thinking I should re-arrange the spruce boughs to make them look like hands/arms that are hugging the elm! Now that I understand the spruce/elm relationship there is alot of work that needs to be done to re-organize the leaves.

Confused??? I was too!!

Not happy with the little purple and red branches on the left side but will work on them- I think it mostly needs more branches!!. The 2 pieces of fabric on the middle right(yellow and green) will probably get removed…they look out of place(unless I build up the background more). With everything going on in this project, I am quickly running out of fabric colours with this limited palette…so I will probably have to add a few more purple and reds. Lots to do still, but for now I will put this project on hold until I learn more from Pamela in the upcoming lessons.

Yikes- another set of assignments starts today. But Pamela is a very good instructor and it is amazing how her little “tweaks” can improve and change a student’s work. I still haven’t loosened up enough to take full advantage of Pamela’s instruction, and it shows in this tree. I should be much freer in my cutting and my design!!

Information about Pamela can be found on her website:

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