Photo Lab #14 Hunter

I am playing with Prairie Jill( Miriam( We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

The task for this class was to use Steve’s 6 prompts: orange, careful, tight, range, petite and grave.

I decided to limit myself to quilting-related items only, just to make it more difficult!! But in a sense, it made the task easier because the final objective of this lesson was to establish a connection between the objects chosen and our passions/interests…..and in this case, the link was quilting.

The collage is here. You can click on it to make the image larger, and then click again to really blow it up:

collage with text

A few words of explanation, especially for the less obvious:

1. Orange- a close-up of an appliqued/quilted pillow I made.

2. Careful- my cutting blade. I had to use exposure compensation to get this shot(lab 11)!

3. Tight- my bookcase crammed tight with quilting books

4. Range- my colour palette(range of colours) for a quilting project I am working on.

5. Petite- my teeny-tiny drawers for sewing notions. Each drawer is only 2 inches wide.

6. Grave- these are my fabrics headed for the cloth graveyard…..actually they aren’t really being buried, they are being donated, but they are leaving my life. Note the “halo” around them(thanks to HDR).

Again, this was a fun lesson…..and I am glad I got to use stuff from earlier lessons.


2 thoughts on “Photo Lab #14 Hunter

  1. Yes, I like that idea too, I suppose trying to think out of the box was the ‘restriction’ I put upon myself?
    Whatever, I really like working with a prompt. I especially like your ‘grave’


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