Time for a Walk and Time for Playing(Quilty-Style)

A gorgeous Winnipeg day…coldish(plus 4 degrees) but sunny…so a nice long walk with Stewie was definitely part of the plan.

I am working ahead on our photo lab and have been taking photos for lab 16(Same but Different) for awhile now. I picked a spot in Bunns’ Creek Park that is a view from a bridge. There is a railing that has a perfect spot to rest the camera on so the photos from day-to-day should be reasonably the same. Every time that Stewie and I go for a walk to the park, I take a photo. Stay tuned for the first showing in a couple of weeks( we are only at lab 14 right now).

But today, there were more interesting things to photograph. Stewie alerted me to one of his friends:


And there was a fabulous display of jet trails in the southern sky. I loved the S-shaped curve of 1 of them(re-routing after take-off??) and the camera did something to the sun which I really like:

jet trails fb


You can see that we still have a lot of snow…some of the park paths are going to get quite slimy soon, which definitely means fewer walkies for Stewie in the park for about 3 weeks. But I can still sneak in through a side entrance to get my lab 16 shots…the path to the bridge is bark rather than gravel. The bark paths get muddy, but the gravel ones get very pond-scummy and the residue smells awful on Stewie’s feet.  And of course he hates the wash-up required once we get home.

On quilty matters, I just started Pamela Allen’s In Style class(http://www.pamelart.com/). Our first assignment was to find some paintings that we admire. The discussion about artists to choose from eventually led to a lively discussion of women artists and the name Susan Melrath came up. I had never heard of her, but I immediately fell in love with one of her paintings:

susan melrath


You can see more of her work at her website(http://www.susanmelrath.com/):

Our first assignments were to do a quick fabric sketch of our chosen painting (top photo), followed by a composition based on the colours only(bottom photo). These are my pieces:

study 1

study 2


Amazing how changing the ratios of the fabric quantity(and composition) changes everything! The same fabrics were used for both pieces. These quilts are just for my personal use…so copyright violation shouldn’t be an issue!!!

Next task is a still life or landscape using these same fabrics once more…..

Along with my gelatin monoprinting class there is not enough time in the day(or night…I was up till midnight struggling with study #2). I still cannot figure out how I managed to put in 7.5 hours of work  per day before retirement and have time for anything else.





4 thoughts on “Time for a Walk and Time for Playing(Quilty-Style)

  1. Ah yes, the onset of mud season in Winnipeg! But it’s worth it to be warm again. Love your jet trail photograph – that flare is gorgeous. And your fabric pieces: wow!! You really captured the painting in the first one and you’re right: the ratio of the fabrics completely changes the effect. Sounds like it’s going to be a great class – can’t wait to see more!


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