ZIZO week 14-Orchids plus a “Frenzy”

A follow-up to my earlier posts about the orchid show I attended 12 days ago. I just had to use some of my photos from this for a ZIZO, and there may be more to come! It was such an outstanding photo-op(more on that later).

Here is my ZIZO for the week:

week 14 orchids collage-1


There were hundreds of orchids and many fancy displays. I believe my zoom in is a Phalaenopsis. There are apparently over 20,000 species of orchids…did you know that vanilla is from an orchid and that the vanilla “bean” is actually a fruit of the orchid?? No vanilla orchids at this show that I was aware of though…..

I wasn’t the only one who thought this was a great photo-op, and in all honesty this photo below was my favorite from the orchid show. Even better than the orchids themselves! It looks like a wild paparazzi shoot:

photographers frenzy_for blog

I call it “Photographer’s Frenzy”!! Love the stance of the photographer with the knapsack. These guys had some serious camera equipment and some serious photography was happening…..I think they were all hoping to catch some photos of the “Blue Orchid” while the light was just right. I had been in the midst of them…they had been there when I arrived and were still there when I left about 1 hour later(sadly with my camera memory card completely full and lots of un-photographed orchids). Next year!!!!

For more ZIZO photos from other participants, check out the ZIZO link in the sidebar.




6 thoughts on “ZIZO week 14-Orchids plus a “Frenzy”

  1. Great ZIZO and the photographers frenzy is wonderful. I took a similar photo at the party I was at, I couldn’t get near for the cake cutting so took a picture of everyone else taking a picture of the cake cutting!


  2. Gorgeous closeup of the orchids but my favourite is the photographer frenzy! What a great shot. (I guess we’re going to have to work on our stances next time we go out shooting, eh?!)


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