ZIZO week 13- A Pile of Dirt

I really liked a photo of snow bank icicles I saw on Jill’s blog(http://prairiejill.blogspot.ca/2014/03/a-place-i-would-show-you-in-my-town_11.html) a few weeks ago. When I was walking with Stewie this past Monday, we approached what basically looked like A Pile of Dirt… ..but as we got closer I spied a lovely set of icicles in the pile of dirt. Thanks to Jill’s post,  I was inspired to use them for this week’s ZIZO(and you thought my ZIZO this week would be orchids!)

So the zoom out on the left is A Pile of Dirt. There are 2 zoom ins: the top right one is the interesting-shaped icicles, and the bottom right one is a PSE watercolour filter enhanced version:

collage for blog


I love the abstract look of the icicles in the PSE-modified version. And I love the shape of the main icicle- it looks like some fingers had gripped it and left their imprints.

PS: this snowbank was more than just a pile of dirt with some pretty icicles. Stewie also was playing I Spy and much to his delight he spotted part of a dead squirrel in the snowbank. Needless to say, within a milli-second he was trying to gobble it, but luckily for me(and him) I managed to get it out of his mouth before he swallowed it. And needless to say, the pair of gloves that I was wearing at the time are getting a sterilization soak in the washing machine right now…….Never a dull moment with Stewie.

For more on this ZIZO meme, check out the ZIZO widget in the sidebar.

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