ZIZO week 12: Spring Cleaning Anyone???

It still looks like winter as you can see from the snowdrifts through my curtain-less kitchen windows(which look onto our front steps and sidewalk) in my zoom out view. Our house is a mid-century Modernist design, with the kitchen facing north to the street, with long narrow windows,  while our living room is in the back of the house and faces south. Backwards I know, but we like it!!

zizo zoom outHowever in the zoom in, it is clearly Spring Cleaning time:

zizo zoom inFor more info on this ZIZO theme, please see the ZIZO widget in the sidebar.

PS-1: the Plexiglas screwed into the corner of the wall is because our previous dogs were jumping at the window area so often(to say hello to the mailmen) that they clawed off the drywall down to the metal supports. So after a drywall repair(but no painting), we installed the Plexiglas. No way are we going to remove it while we still have Stewie…..

PS-2 The windows are curtain-less because our first dog Max destroyed them!!


7 thoughts on “ZIZO week 12: Spring Cleaning Anyone???

  1. me again! I love to have windows without curtains in the summer. The pink in the background of my six words shot is my Ribes. It is very beautiful at the moment and I have used it in a few backgrounds lately.


  2. It seems perfectly normal to me as does the dust, you could have been photographing my house!
    A friend of mine put the plexiglass in her hall to childproof some very expensive wallpaper!


  3. love how the shot of your house provides details about your dog proofing. I think a house with the living room facing the garden is highly sensible


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