Progress on my Mom’s Photo Quilt

It has been almost 3 years…but I am almost finished the quilt!!! Alot of procrastination and fear that it could never work(my sister Judy and I figured out the photos a year or so ago! and my mom picked out all the non-photo fabric about 6 months ago!). But I am now on the homestretch with hand-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. After that, burying the threads…normally I do the burying first but I need a few quilt notions to do the job properly and they should arrive later this week.

Bonus involved here:  a fancy-smancy tool that I stole from the hardware department(no not the actual tool, just the application of it!). It is an Intersect Laser Level, to check for right angles and this quilt was the first that was big enough to make good use of it. I can’t take credit for this brilliant application…it has been used by some quilters for quite a few years.

Extra bonus: taking a photograph of it was very difficult. But I applied the lesson learnt in the last photo lab about exposure compensation and nailed the photo(thanks Steve)!!!!

These are the 4 failures:

collage for blog_edited-1

The one that worked, with exposure compensation, clearly shows the laser beams, which align quite well with the inside border of the quilt(yeah!!!!!!!)

laser quiltQuite the handy tool, eh?? I actually ordered it  about 4 years ago through, but they couldn’t ship to Canada, so I had it sent to a parcel service in Pembina, North Dakota where a friend of mine picked it up for me. I think it cost less than 15 dollars.

So, I am now hand sewing the binding to the back- 1 side done, 3 to go. Stitches so small, they can’t be seen:

bindingA few more evenings and all will be done.

Last decision: how to hang it………


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5 thoughts on “Progress on my Mom’s Photo Quilt

  1. Yay!!! The quilt looks fabulous – worth all the work you’ve put into it. It’s a real family heirloom. I also love the laser gadget – who knew the hardware store was a good place for quilting notions?!


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