ZIZO week 11 Lost and Found

Walking through Bunn’s Creek Park with Stewie…it is a cold day(-8 degrees) with a dreary sky. Such a contrast to Monday, when it was warm(+6 degrees) and sunny. Taking our usual path and I spot a flash of colour ahead!!!

Zoom out first, then zoom in(both pictures processed by HDR, filters and masks):

mitten colourA nice walker must have spotted the mitten in the snow and hung it up for the rightful owner to find. I don’t know about you, but I usually lose at least 6 mittens/gloves/hats/scarves each winter….I would have been so delighted if this had been mine.

Walkers in this park are very good this way…once I lost my house-keys(yikes) and I went back to the park in what I figured would be a futile search. But, someone had found them and put them in clear sight on the bridge that is near the entrance to the park(I had not actually crossed the bridge that day, but the finder must have thought it was a good place for them). Whew..what relief.

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7 thoughts on “ZIZO week 11 Lost and Found

  1. How lovely! I always do that if I see it. Once in a large garden centre I spotted a ‘lost teddy’, it looked well loved so I put it up on the demonstration desk hoping it would be obvious to the owner. A few steps on I saw a little girl with her grandmother and for some reason I asked if maybe she was the owner No! came the reply. Oh why do I do these things? my friend was horrified. Sometimes I am quite bonkers.
    Any way great ZIZO shots Marsha.


  2. Great ZIZO photographs! I love the HDR processing, too. And, yes, I usually lose several mittens/gloves each year – including one that looked a lot like that blue one. Mine, however, was apparently eaten by the washing machine!


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