Tire Tracks in Snow Stencil on a Gelli Plate

Well, I actually did make a stencil out of the tire track photo from my post from a day or so ago….and as usual it looks very dorky. I must have a dork thumb, similar to a green thumb for successful gardeners- I am very successful at making all things dorky.

This is the stencil, after several paint layers:

for blog stencil

But I braved on, and layered the stencil 3 times on the gelli plate. Very dorky indeed(I didn’t take a photo at this stage)…..so I used Carolyn Dube’s hot mess solution and layered another stencil(a twig) on top and covered most of it in black… not bad. I like how the colours pop against the black. You can see some remnants of the stencil outlines in the background….

gelli-2 001

I went 1 step further and layered the twig again and covered it with transparent mixing white:

gelli-3I love how it looks 3-D  with the black shadows from the imperfect registration ….I will have to play with this technique some more. I don’t really like how the colours got muted down with the white layer…will have to figure out how to solve this….maybe I need 2 stencils…

One thought on “Tire Tracks in Snow Stencil on a Gelli Plate

  1. Love your stencil! I’ve often seen people use a black layer on their prints – never seems to work too well for me, but I like this, especially because you can still see some of the stencil underneath. Love the shadow effect on the final one, too.


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