Frostbite ZIZO week 9

I got frostbite on my fingers trying to snap the photos for this week’s ZIZO. I could not believe how cold and windy it was. But then again I was in the windiest spot in Winnipeg(also the windiest corner in Canada)- the intersection of Portage and Main. So, coupled with -20 degrees temperature, I shouldn’t have been surprised…

This is a multi-step ZIZO, one Zoom In, one semi Zoom In and two Zoom Out photos with different views. A third Zoom Out photo really is required, but I couldn’t get a good view of the man before my fingers froze!! So you will have to settle for 2 views of the dog.

week 9 collage This sculpture, which is almost 12 feet high, is by Ivan Eyre and is called North Watch.  I really love it…..

If you want to see what the man wearing the boot looks like, and get more info on the sculpture, check out this newspaper article: The photo in this article shows the sculpture before the copper patina set in.

For more info on the ZIZO meme, see the sidebar.


6 thoughts on “Frostbite ZIZO week 9

  1. Excellent shots! Definitely worth getting cold fingers! I love the top left shot – it’s an interesting abstract.
    PS Wouldn’t want to be at Portage & Main today – it’s even colder than last week. Brr.


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