Postcard completed for swap

I joined in the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and posted about it briefly awhile ago:postcardswap200b

You can get details here: or visit them on Facebook at “Do What You Love”.

What is surprising is that I have already completed my postcard. Way ahead of schedule.

The theme of this swap was “Create”.  I decided to work from this photo of an Osteospermum or African Daisy I took last summer:

original flower photo for blog  Osteospermum

I had bought this plant specifically with photography/quilting in mind…..I thought the little orange bumps in the dark blue center would be so fun to work with. The first thing I did was to play with the image in Photoshop with filters and saturation. I then did a tight crop highlighting the center of the flower, but leaving enough of a background so the petal structure would be evident. [Note to self- try the cropping next time so that the flower center is off-center !!!] I printed a test run on paper, knowing that the final print on fabric would be much less saturated:

cropped photoI knew I wanted to do a lot of stitching and plain fabric, even stabilized, would get too warped so I thought that I would try it on Lutradur instead.

I printed the photo on the Lutradur and as expected it was quite faded compared to the paper printout, but I thought it had a nice soft look. So I started stitching with just a thin layer of fusible fleece underneath. I used a very bright orange thread to make sure the little bumps stood out!

After the stitching was finished the postcard in progress looked like this:

in progressThe final step was to attach a layer of timtex to add structure and a postcard template on the back. 4 rounds of stitching to keep everything together finished it off:

finished postcardI am quite pleased with it and hope my soon-to-be-named swap partner likes it.

To fit with the theme of the swap(Create), I had thought about adding the letters “create” to the front of the card(maybe the bottom right corner). But I think that the creation of the card itself fits the bill!

What do you think? Should I still add the word “create” to the card? I could misty-fuse on the letters easily enough.

4 thoughts on “Postcard completed for swap

  1. Oh, Marsha, this is gorgeous! A little work of art. I’m sure your swap partner will be thrilled. I don’t know about adding the word. I think it would work, but the piece is so beautiful as is, I’d be tempted to leave it. You could always write something about “create” on the back.


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