100 photos week 7

I am skipping some of the earliest labs I missed from Steve Sonheim’s photography book that Prairie Jill(http://prairiejill.blogspot.ca/)and Miriam(http://miriamrogers.co.uk/) are working their way through, and am jumping in at week 7 to keep up with them.

so week 7, One Hundred Photos….well, not quite…only 90 shots. And all of seed pods…..

Collage random

I played around with apertures and different settings. Some things worked and some things didn’t.

Here are 3 I liked:

Poppy seed head:

seed pod 3

Campanula of some kind. I like the silvery look of the little seed pods, but not the composition of the photo particularly:


And some wild and wonderful seed pods I found in Bunn’s Creek Park. I have no idea what they are:

seed pod 2

I played with the last seed head image to give an HDR effect:seed pod 2_tonemapped

It is hard to take 100 photos…..

Since I still need 10 more, I will play again under better lighting conditions  tomorrow and see what I get.


2 thoughts on “100 photos week 7

  1. I once did an exercise much like this—75 photos of the same thing, though. It was hard to find 75 ways to photograph one vase of flowers. 100 in any day would be difficult unless you were traveling in some exotic place! I love the HDR image, and your collage is lovely.


  2. Wow!! These are stunning. I love the muted colour palette. The collage would make a beautiful wall hanging, and so would any of the three you liked. I think my favourite is the first of the three. The depth of field is just perfect. Great job!

    (Have fun spinning for the next Lab!)


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