ZIZO-week 8

A domestic ZIZO this time:

zoom in: an all time favorite cartoon from Dilbert…from 2003:

zoom in-8zoom out: the fridge/freezer door where the cartoon lives:

zoom out-8The items on the fridge include souvenirs such as a voodoo doll magnet from New Orleans, cow magnets, sheep magnets, an armadillo, penguins, assorted postcards(sheep, Frank Lloyd Wright, my favorite village in England(Snowshill)), curious George, car stuff, assorted Aussie-related items, dinosaurs and shells, arsenic in the kitchen(2)……and a Squeen magnet from Carla Sonheim because I was Squeen for the day!! Also a few other cartoon favorites. Plus a few reminders like which type of salmon is good and the good steaks from Sobey’s(since I can’t remember once the label goes into the garbage).

Lots of memories here.

Check the ZIZO link in the sidebar for more info on this meme.

5 thoughts on “ZIZO-week 8

  1. What a great idea for a ZIZO pair! … and I just noticed that that’s exactly what Miriam said. Hmm, great minds think alike, I guess! Anyway, I loved getting a peek at your souvenirs.


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