Gelli paper print to fabric

Over 3.5 years ago I posted a “pencil case” that I made using a tutorial from Melanie Testa ( It was my first blog post….

Unfortunately, the organza layer on the case has begun to tear…so it was time to make a new one. I had actually been using it as an eye-glass case so it went everywhere with me!

I decided to use a gelli-print…so I checked back through my stash of paper prints and came across this one:

original on paperI don’t remember how I did the layering….but I do recognize some bubble wrap prints, some circles from a tube of lip-gloss and the red circular lines from my dollar store placemat. I cropped the paper print with PSE and printed the image onto some inkjet cotton fabric.  I did some machine free motion quilting, emphasizing some of the interesting shapes, and also tried to do some loose stitching too…The last step in preparation of the fabric was a bit of hand stitching: French knots and  seed stitch. My first case had a velcro closure, but I decided to try a magnetic snap this time.

I simply constructed the case by zigzagging all the pieces together:

case-1Detail of the back:

case detail

Quite pretty I think and a lot of fun to use the gelli-print to make fabric. Re the magnetic snap: I prefer the velcro since it keeps the corners of the flap flatter…..oh well.

And I know I have said this before but my next project WILL BE my mom’s photo quilt…..

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12 thoughts on “Gelli paper print to fabric

  1. I’ve always printed my Gelli’s onto fabric, I am a quilt artists, but maybe printing on cheaper paper, then scanning the best one and printing that on the computer, would save me a lot of fabric that I’ll probably never use. Thanks for the idea.


  2. Beautiful! What a great idea to print your gelli papers on fabric- I’ll have to try that! I might also try making a case for my iPhone. Zigzagging the edges together is well within my somewhat-limited sewing abilities!


  3. I like your replacement case with your arts and hand works, very cool!. mono prints are so fun to make and a great starting point.
    my cell case is in similar need, threadbare in spots and I love to make items useful and artful reflecting the materials on our workable and what ifs is in your head!.


  4. A very pretty glasses

    case!! Now I am about to embark on a quilted case for my IPad. I have not been able to find a pattern. I may have to make it as I go. Ideas? MOM

    Sent from my iPad



  5. What a cool technique! I’d never heard of “inkjet cotton fabric” ~ so thank you for that!
    Though I have Gelli printed directly to fabrics, this is a nice technique to let others know about. Thanks for sharing!


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