Loot(and philosophy) from Lotta Helleberg

LOOT: I was so excited to learn that I had won an online giveaway on Facebook from Lotta Helleberg and the package arrived a few days ago!! She is a textile artist that I have been following for quite a while.  I love all the processes she uses…check out her work on her Pinterest board (http://www.pinterest.com/lottahelleberg/my-work/). The package that arrived in the mail contained an envelope clutch, constructed from fabric that she had eco-printed with black tupelo leaves:

clutch from lotta

The colour is actually a bit more intense than the photo shows….but still nice and subtle. I want to try this process with some of the more colourful leaves from my yard and neighbourhood next summer. Lotta briefly explains the technique and provides a link to India Flint here:


PHILOSOPHY: I was very intrigued by a recent blog post (http://www.lottahelleberg.com/blog/2013/11/30/cross-roads) where Lotta wrote that she was thinking of not focusing on art pieces, but instead, making functional craft that “could be touched, used, and cherished, rather than hanging on a wall”. I was so happy to read this, as I had recently realized that I didn’t want to make wall art either, but I really enjoy making objects like wallets, pillows etc that are supposed to be touched and used and hopefully cherished. Very glad to know that I am not alone!! Not to say that I am anywhere near the skill/art level of Lotta, but this makes me feel more comfortable with my choice.

One thought on “Loot(and philosophy) from Lotta Helleberg

  1. Oh, what lovey loot! I went over to Lotta’s blog and really love her work. Interesting philosophy, too. It’s so good to know what you enjoy doing and to feel comfortable pursuing that direction.


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