Look Up, Look Down Stewie Style

The final Look Up, Look Down post of the year…but it is sorta cheating! But it involves Stewie so that makes it okay in my eyes!!

Stewie and my hubby were walking to the kitchen past the front door closet and Stewie was, needless to say, on two feet prancing with his favorite toy(a kong that gets filled with treats). Two seconds later my hubby says, where is your favorite toy? and there was a flash of orange and then….nothing!

We looked for hours for his toy, of course looking in the closet, and then downstairs, upstairs, outside(???)….everywhere but couldn’t find it. But we were looking DOWN…like in George’s boots:


But no toy….and we gave up assuming the toy had been sucked into the black hole that had recently swallowed our battery charger and a box of bandages….

Eventually we looked UP, and there it was…caught in the hood of George’s parka:


Don’t ask me how it landed there!!!!

Today is Stewie’s birthday(December 25th)…and he has really changed over his first 2 years.

Here he is at about 5 months old:


I miss this fluffy puppy.

And here here is today playing with his new Christmas/birthday present:

stewie collage for FB

Merry Christmas everyone.


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