Look Up, Look Down

Joining in at week 50 or so…….

I have been following Rinda’s look up, look down photos(http://gallorganico.blogspot.ca/) for awhile. The meme started here:


Today, I realized that I had done just that…standing on my back deck, looking  up at a snowdrift on my roof, and then looking down at Stewie playing in the snow.

Looking up:

driftingLooking down:

stewieIt is -23 degrees celsius today(-9 degrees fahrenheit) which is more than cold enough for Stewie to be wearing his  blue fleece booties so his paws don’t freeze. It is a bit of a struggle(bribes required) to get the booties onto his paws, but once on, Stewie runs and plays totally ignoring the cold conditions. In the photo above, he is trying to bury his volleyball in the snow! Needless to say, the volleyball has no air in it anymore since Stewie’s goal in life is to destroy anything that he can pick up or tear off. We had bought him this ball a few months ago, and within 30 seconds he had pierced the surface with his teeth- needless to say we were upset we had wasted money on the ball, but then realized that Stewie loved playing with the deflated ball so, the toy is still a toy. Look closely at the footprints in the snow….our yard ends with the big line of trees and Stewie knows that he is not supposed to go that line- he is a very smart dog!!

Helena is starting a new photo meme next year and both her ideas look interesting so we shall see if I can follow up with it.


6 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down

  1. a lovely pair and welcome to the meme, the more the merrier. I love how much dogs enjoy playing in snow – growing up snow would send my dog into a playful frenzy, even when she was old


  2. Great shots! I love the splash of colour from your back door. Stewie is clearly having a wonderful time on a cold, cold day. (And we’ve had an awful lot of snow already, too, haven’t we? Brr!)


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