The Cat Quilt is Finished!!!

I finished the cat quilt…finally.

So without further adieu, here are some final pictures(boy, is it hard to get good shots!!!):

whole quiltAs you can see I decided to do a pieced binding…..using as many pieces of fabric as I could find that went into the quilt until the binding was long enough(62 pieces!!!). That was fun..but took way longer than I expected.  note to self: go back in the make the binding more even….I can see some wonky bits here and there.

I love poofiness in quilting, so here is a detail of the butterfly(with 2 beads added on the embroidery floss antenna):

poofiness detail

To do this, I stitched on a layer of batting under each motif and then cut around the butterfly(as well as the cat and flowers) and then added a second layer of batting under the whole quilt and stitched around all the poofy areas again. Tight free motion quilting around these motifs helped make them even more poofy!! This is my version of trapunto, ignoring the rules about using washable thread for the first layer of batting….

I tried to vary the quilting a bit…not just the squiggly stuff. I also added some motifs in the quilting(a few butterflies, some circles and some flowers) but realized later that if I had planned this better, I could actually have added them during the first stage of quilting to make them double trapunto too!! Instead, I just tried to make them poofy with just the second layer of batting. For my next quilt piece I will remember this- it makes filling in the negative space alot easier.

cat detail

I also added abit of hand stitching(french knots) for the flower centers(Terri had painted some dots in her version of the quilt):

flower detail

I actually enjoyed making this quilt and quite like my little cat. I got to play with lots of my fabric, including some I had dismissed as ugly. But I saw a statement on a blog quoting Bonnie Hunter which says “if your fabric still looks ugly you haven’t cut it up small enough” and I really agree with this…some of the “ugly” fabric worked better than the fabric I really liked.

Here are the original links to Terri’s blog, and a photograph of her painted version of the quilt:

Final comments:

1. As you can see, I opted not to do the lettering because I knew I would make a mess of it and I am glad of this decision. I also printed the pdf pattern at about 70% since I like working small…my piece is about 16 inches wide by 14 inches high.

2. Next time, I would make a clear acetate copy of the quilt to overlay, to make it easier to place the applique pieces properly- the cat’s head is abit askew.

3. Make the effort, do the work and bury the thread tails!!! I am bad at doing all the “correct” finishing details…like burying thread tails, and blocking the quilt(but I will do this eventually since it will square the quilt and even out the binding).

4. Choose less detailed fabric for the background…..I liked that I chose to piece it, but some of the pieces were a real nightmare to free-motion quilt because I couldn’t see  the stitching at all even with extra lighting.

5. Still not sure about the stems….I think dark green non-shiny rattail would have been better.

6. Terri, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do pattern testing with this cat.


15 thoughts on “The Cat Quilt is Finished!!!

  1. Thanks for taking the photos so we could see the intricate detail of your process and stitches. Love the quilting and the colorful take on this pattern. I hope I win a pattern and my favorite one is Paws in the Garden. sherry


  2. This is simply a fabulous piece Marsha. I have loved seeing it come together over the last few days. When you work so close to something you always seem to see the little nuances that you wished were different, why do we do that? What a talented lady you are. x


  3. Great job! It looks fabulous. The colours are just wonderful, and I love all the “poofy” bits (the second photograph shows it really well). It must have been an amazing amount work – all the piecing of the coloured fabrics and all the detail in the quilting – but it was worth it!


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