Advice on Terri’s Quilt

Okay…started the applique(just a loose zigzag)…but don’t like the flower stems….they can be easily changed at this stage……

Any suggestions???? Thicker??? Different color???Less glisteny??? I am thinking slightly wider, and maybe just fabric instead of this cording that I used. I think part of the problem is the right hand side stem…it is out of position  and the curve is uneven:  I have now moved it…that helps abit!!

Also, not too crazy about the pieced background but quilting should hopefully smooth it out and tie the different pieces together(keeping fingers crossed)…

Thanks in advance for all comments/suggestions. Please ignore the loose threads etc…….applique begun


4 thoughts on “Advice on Terri’s Quilt

  1. Oh, this is looking wonderful!! The colours are gorgeous. I agree with you that the flower stems might be a little thin, although I don’t think they need to be much bigger. I also agree with you about the background but, as you said, I think quilting will pull it together. (I’m not sure if you were going to add the words or not? But if you do, they would also help.)


  2. Hi Marsha, What a difference a day makes! I like the colour of the stalks, ties in with his eyes and the butterfly. I also like the cording it makes the flowers dance. I agree about the rh flower but you have moved it? The piece is very beautiful. Have you been working on it without a break? That’s what happens to me..I begin to find fault and dissatisfaction creeps in x


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