Beautiful October Day in Winnipeg

A very warm day in Winnipeg today(about 7 degrees celsius above normal) and perfectly sunny skies… a perfect day for a long walk with Stewie. We walked over to Bunn’s Creek Park and continued through the park to check on the geese at one of Winnipeg’s retention ponds. Lovely photo ops there. On the way back I took some typical fall photos including Stewie of course.

I played with all of them in PhotoMatix to make pseudo-HDR photos and below are 4 of my favorites from today.

I love these geese on the pond with the reflections of the trees in the water.

HDR geese

I also like the translucency of the leaves in this closely-cropped shot:

HDR leaf- lightened

This a very color-saturated shot of the creek. The water level is quite low, partly due to the beaver’s dam that I spotted upstream(downstream??):

HDR Bunn's Creek

And of course, a very patient and tired Stewie. I love the dappled light effect:

HDR stewie_edited-1

I don’t always like the HDR effects, especially when created from a jpeg image……if tomorrow is nice I will go back to get some RAW images of geese to play with…

3 thoughts on “Beautiful October Day in Winnipeg

  1. These are all wonderful, but oh my, I love that first one! Just gorgeous: the trees, the reflections, and the geese. Wow.
    I went for a long walk along Sturgeon Creek today (where there are also geese!) and took a lot of photos. I’ll have to try playing with them in Photomatix, too!


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