Gelli Party!

Well, I finally found a recipe for a homemade gelatin plate that worked! It used way more gelatin than the other recipes I tried, and produced a very nice plate. I made some with all water, and some with 50% glycerine.

There is a video and written instructions(for all water plates only) here if you are interested:

All of this playing with plates was to make sure we had enough plates of one kind or another for an art class my mom was teaching at the “Portsmouth Retirement Residence” where she lives. Up to 10 people(ages about 65-95) were going to be there…so between my mother and I, we had 3 Gelli plates(from, 4 all water gelatin plates and two 50% glycerin plates. Luckily for us, there were 9 attendees so each one had their own plate.

The participants were quite eager to play once I had given a short demo and once they played abit with the plates. For most of them even using acrylic paints was a new experience! There wasn’t much time(the whole class was less than an hour), but they managed to come up with some interesting prints. In their next class they are going to make some cards with the prints from this class.

This collage shows some of the prints…there was a lot of variation in styles as can be seen:

gelli collage for wp

Not bad for some first attempts!! My personal favorite is the sort-of ghost print in the upper right.  All plates were fine…but I have to admit that I still like the “real” gelli plates best since they are very sturdy. I have the 50% glycerine plates still so I will play with them a bit more.

The participants in the class were very concerned about making sure the plates were cleaned afterwards(even though I said that it is best to just let the paint dry), so unfortunately one got washed with hot water(and started to melt) and another got broken in the sink!! But the two 50% glycerine plates survived, as did 2 of the all water plates and the 3 “real” gelli plates(of course).

Unfortunately we didn’t get any action shots of the workshop- everyone was too busy playing!! Hopefully my mom can snap some photos of the finished cards and the artists at work at the next class.

Linking this post to Carolyn Dube’s Gelli Party:

7 thoughts on “Gelli Party!

  1. What a wonderful idea for a class. You’ve got me thinking! Thanks so much for sharing the recipes for gelatin plates. I haven’t tried to make my own yet, but I love the detail they capture — I think they reproduce detail better than the gelli plate, not that I don’t love my gelli.


  2. Oh what fun! I so wish I wad there with you & your mom and all those wonderful folks. I can imagine the scene, one got washed! I’m still laughing. I love old folks and miss working with them.


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