Gelatin Plate Tests continued

I made a couple of more homemade gelatin plates. One was just gelatin in water while the other was gelatin in 50% water/50% glycerine. I decided to compare the results to what I get with my gelli plate from

The photo below has the results of a quick test run(just grabbing some paint colours). The top row is the 50/50 plate, the middle row is the gelli-plate and the bottom row is the water/gelatin plate. I found that the gelatin only plate needed to be primed a few times to get the paint texture right(the paint became very watery the first few times), while the glycerin plate was good to go…

3 plate testAll three plates worked fine, but since I started with the purchased gelli-plate, I am more comfortable with it. This plate is very firm and I can press hard to get good details of the leaves as masks. I found that the 2 homemade plates were a bit soft. Maybe I just need to add more gelatin or invest in  a special gelatin for monoprinting that makes a firmer plate than using Knox food grade gelatin(who would have guessed there was such a product???). My second favorite plate was the 50/50 plate which is why there are a few extra prints in the top row….I couldn’t resist playing with it.  It was slightly firmer than the gelatin/water only plate.

So, bottom line:  all 3 types of plates will be good to use in my mom’s class. Now I just have to make about 6 more…I will make 50/50 plates until I run out of glycerine.

I am also going to make an extra water/gelatin only plate and let it sit at RT to see if it goes mouldy and if so, can I get the cool texture effects?

3 thoughts on “Gelatin Plate Tests continued

  1. Love your prints. I’ve made the plates using gelatin and water and found they shrink and eventually go moldy. I love how they crack and leave their own marks on whatever you’re printing. I also use the Gelli plate it’s so convenient and is always ready when you get that ‘must print now’ urge. Thanks for commenting on my blog too.


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