Gelli Prints to the Rescue!

Very last moment wrapping of a small “quilt” for a friend who is moving back to Germany…I was looking for an envelope to slip it in, and I thought. BORING!!!

Why not take some of my gelli prints and make an envelope? So I grabbed a grackle print and a pressed leaves print to use for the main prints.

Of course it had to involve sewing, so I trimmed the 2 prints to the right size and took a 3rd unexciting piece and cut it into strips for a flap and side/bottom bindings. I  sewed everything together, using a long stitch to minimize any tearing(but the many layers of acrylic paint actually made the paper quite strong).

A few minutes later, a very Gelli envelope/gift wrap…

envelope front envelope back

This is the little quilt that went inside.   I had made it in an online class with Jane LaFazio quite a few months back but had not completed it till now. It needed some finishing with a bit of touch-up paint,  some hand-stitching and a zigzag edge. The quilt was constructed from a hand-painted goose on cotton and fused to a stamped/painted canvas background. A stamped/painted organza layer was stitched on top to add depth and the whole piece was free motion quilted by machine. A bit of hand-stitching was added to keep the organza under control. Then the piece was zigzagged around the edge for  finishing.

gooseI thought it was appropriate since she worked with birds and the Canada Goose is a great souvenir of Canada to take to Germany. This is a typical pose that the goose strikes when mid-stride.

We presented the envelope/quilt to her at her going-away luncheon and she looked at the envelope, turned it around a couple of times and looked bewildered…then we had to tell her it was just an envelope and the present was inside….too funny!! I hope she liked it.

A quick trip to a framing shop will have the quilt mounted in a distressed blue wood frame with no matting, spacers added to protect the quilt from contact with the glass and finally packed for travel to Germany.

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