The Sun Shone!

Finally- a day of sun and moderate temperatures…so that means SUNPRINTING!!

I managed to get 4 prints made before the clouds appeared, and they are, in no particular order posted below. The purple one got an unexpected texture: it was still slightly damp and the leaf edges were beginning to bleed, so I threw it into the dryer to quickly dry the cotton. Well, the fabric must have attached to the drum, so I got some lovely circles on it(upper right corner). Cool. And I love the bug-chomped leaves too…

For some reason the yellow Setacolor isn’t working very well(have I mentioned this before??). I guess I have to try a different yellow from them.

purpleAren’t the dots cool?? Hopefully it didn’t damage/dye the dryer. I guess I better put a load through before George washes his white t-shirts….just in case- I won’t care if my stuff comes out pale lavender but he might.


A bit of a mish-mash for the multicoloured one above..but boy do the little elder leaves print nicely.


I tried to create a landscape effect.

pink orange

Just a subtle blend of orange and pink.

So, now I have lots of fabric to play with to make my mini-wallets and maybe even a kindle cover or two or maybe even a triple-zip.

Planning ahead is needed: I must order more PFD fabric from  since it is apparently going to be nice in 5-6 days again(just as George goes back to work) and I only have enough for 1 more sunprint………and luckily for me they sell the Setacolor paints too.

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