Maiwa October 2013 and a Deer

I just signed myself up for a 4 day workshop in Vancouver in October(Stewie and George will have bonding  time again). The workshop is conveniently located on Granville Island and there is an almost-affordable hotel within 5 minutes walk from the workshop site(there is a discount for workshop attendees). My brother lives just a few minutes away…so some family time too. I have never been to Vancouver(except the airport for connecting flights/ferry connections) even though my brother has lived there for probably 25-30 years…

The workshop is part of  Textile Symposium that Maiwa puts on each year(it is very popular and most workshops fill up the first day of registration). A few spots in some workshops were still available, so I chose this one:

It is all about finding your creative voice…which will be good for me since I don’t have one yet.  It includes mark-making, collage, sewing and some drawing(yikes!!). They supply sewing stuff so attendees just have to bring imagery, 4 favorite art supplies(TAP transfer paper, gelli plate and ??), basic drawing  and art supplies, collage material and a few other things.  That should take half of my suitcase, and the other half will be rainwear.

I was lucky to get in- there were 2 spots left, and now there is just 1!  Anyone else interested????

I can’t have a post without a photo, so here is 1 of the things I have been working on:

deer gel transfer

This is an image transfer of a toner-printed photograph of a sweet baby deer taken at the cottage in 2011. I transferred it using gel media, onto a canvas that had a few paint smears, so that is the reason for the black smear under the deer…people say you can transfer on top of paint layers, but obviously this is not always the case(maybe one needs a dark transfer on top of light paint). More experimenting needed, but I like the overall effect- I think I will retry with a very pale gelli print underneath. I haven’t done this technique since I took an image transfer class with Jordan Miller at Cre8ery( about 2-3 years ago. In that workshop, this was the first stage and then we applied some mixed media to add more effects.

I am also playing with TAP image transfer ( which uses a different process to transfer inkjet printer images. So options are available for both inkjet and laser images, which is handy. But both take practice.

Finally, hmm…still have to do mom’s quilt……


5 thoughts on “Maiwa October 2013 and a Deer

  1. Wow – that workshop sounds fantastic. And, I agree with you – a bit scary, too! But in a good way.

    I love the deer. Such a pretty effect from the transfer. Looking forward to seeing more of your transfer experiments!


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