Mallards and Wood Ducks

mallards and wood ducks

Love that these ducks are sharing the same landing spot in Bunn’s Creek Park. And I love the sassy female wood duckling- I wonder what she is saying to the baby mallards…

This must be a second batch of ducklings for the female mallard…most of the mallard babies in the park look almost full grown already.

This landing spot is a guaranteed photo-op, everyday!!

8 thoughts on “Mallards and Wood Ducks

    • thanks…for some reason this photo won’t pop up to become larger…it is hard to see the sassy little wood duck..though it is on my Flickr it might be better there.
      UPDATE: fixed the problem thanks to the WordPress user’s forum help. Now the image is clickable to enlarge


  1. That’s one delight of retirement. I am going to go back to the WAG show this week. Are you interested in going again? Maybe we could combine it with something else. I have to go to Cre8ery as one of my pictures keeps falling down! XX Mom

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    • I am actually going this afternoon with George…. I could meet you on Thursday about Cre8ery…and maybe we could wander through the outdoor Fringe stuff which should be right nearby


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