3 more Scavenger Hunt Items

More photo scavenger hunt items!! See sidebar for link to the summertime photo scavenger hunt origin.

As part of an earlier blog post, I posted item #21, but it was sort-of hidden away in that post, so here it is again:

me and gelli plateThis is me, playing with my gelli plate (http://www.gelliarts.com)- my sister, my mother and I spent many hours on this Saturday afternoon at the cabin pulling prints. More details can be found on my July 8th post.

Item #20, a dinosaur was easy for me. I had 2 options…one was to travel by bus to the other side of my city and take a photograph of the dinosaurs at the University of Manitoba- there is a museum in the Geology building which is named after my father(who passed away in 1999). You can read about the museum here:

http://umanitoba.ca/geoscience/cretaceousmenagerie/welcome.htm ).  Or much simpler,  I could take a photo of his dinosaur pins, still in the original shirt pocket protector.  I chose the simpler option:

dinosaurI also have item # 17, candles:

candlesThese 2  little candles are consistently brought out for display for Christmas at our house, even when(or because) we don’t have strength to pull out our “fake” tree.  I got the lovely Christmas Tree candle, at least 35 years ago,  from my friend since high school, Elizabeth, while I bought the little deer candle at DisneyWorld in 1993. I think they make a lovely pair. Neither of them have ever been lit….which is why I still have them after all these years.

So I think that just leaves item #1, an open air market…and I hope to get this on Thursday. It will be a little different from most open air markets since this one  is the vendors participating as part of our “Fringe Festival”.

7 thoughts on “3 more Scavenger Hunt Items

  1. These are great! I love the candles – such great memories associated with them. I also love the dinosaur pins! I went to the museum site. The gallery is an amazing tribute to your father.


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